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Polynesia (from Greek, poly = many and nesos = island) is a large grouping of over 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean. The term "Polynesia" was first coined by Charles de Brosses in 1756, and originally applied to all the islands of the Pacific. Jules Dumont d'Urville in an 1831 lecture to the Geographical Society of Paris proposed a restriction on its use, and also introduced the terms Micronesia and Melanesia, this three-way regional division remaining in widespread use today.

Geographically, Polynesia may be conceived as a triangle with its three corners at Hawai'i, New Zealand, and Easter Island. The other main island groups located within the Polynesian triangle are Samoa, Tonga, and the various island chains that form French Polynesia.

Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and  Vanuatu

Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Kiribati, Northern Mariana Islands,  Marshall Islands, Nauru and Palau

American Samoa, Easter Island, French Polynesia, Niue, Pitcairn Islands, The Cook Islands, Tokelau, Tuvalu and Wallis & Futuna

American Samoa

Vintage postcard from American Samoa, compliments of Jane Resture

American Samoa Office of Tourism
Library of Congress Portals To The World: American Samoa
National Park of American Samoa
Official American Samoa Government Website
Samoa News
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: American Samoa

Cook Islands

In The Cook Islands

Cook Islands Government Online
Cook Islands Tourism
The Cook Island Herald
The Heart of Polynesia: The Cook Islands
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: Cook Islands

Easter Island

Maoi on Easter Island

Easter Island Foundation
Jane Resture's Easter Island Webpage
Library of Congress Portals To The World: Easter Island
Mysterious Places: Easter Island
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: Easter Island

French Polynesia

Fishing in Bora Bora, compliments of Jane Resture

Jane Resture's Tahiti Webpage
Perles (Pearls) de Tahiti

Tahiti Tourism

Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: French Polynesia


Women of Nuie

Government of Niue
Library of Congress Portals To The World: Niue
Niue Island
Nuie Island -The Official Website of the People of Niue
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: Niue

Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Island

Jane Resture's Pitcairn Island Webpage
Pitcairn Island Government
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: Pitcairn Islands


Rica Waterfall on Samoa

Library of Congress Portals To The World: Samoa
Samoa News
Samoa Tourism Authority

Samoan Sensation
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: Samoa


Children on Tokelau

Government of Tokelau
Jane Resture's Tokelau Webpage
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: Tokelau


Watercolour of four female dancers from Tonga

Jane Resture's Tonga Webpage
Kingdom of Tonga: Government Website
Library of Congress Portals To The World: Tonga
Planet Tonga
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: Tonga


Woman from Tuvalua weaving flower wreath

Jane Resture's Tuvalu Webpage
Library of Congress Portals To The World: Tuvalu
Tuvalu Online
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: Tuvalu

Wallis & Futuna

Wallis Island, compliments of Jane Resture

History of Wallis and Futuna
Jane Resture's Wallis and Futuna Webpage