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  Resources of careers in Environmental Science


  The colleges and universities listed below are American schools that have outstanding programs in marine science, oceanography and  environmental studies.

California State University at Long Beach - Marine Biology Program
Coastal Carolina University -Department of Marine Science
College of Charleston -Grice Marine Laboratory
Cornell University - Shoals Marine Laboratory
Duke University
Five Colleges of Western Massachusetts -Coastal & Marine Sciences Program
Florida Atlantic University -Department of Ocean Engineering
Florida Institute of Technology -Department of Marine & Environmental Systems
Florida State University -Department of Oceanography
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Insititution
Hawaii Pacific University -Marine Biology Programs
Marine Biological Laboratory -Woods Hole MA
MIT -Center for Oceanography and Physical Oceanography
Northeastern University -Marine Science Center
Old Dominion University -Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
Oregon State University -College of Oceanic Atmospheric Sciences
Princeton University -Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Rutgers University -IMCS/Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Southhampton College -Marine and Environmental Programs
Stanford University -Hopkins Marine Station
State University of New York at Stony Brook -Marine Sciences Research Center
The College of William & Mary -VIMS/Virginia Institute of Marine Science
United States Naval Academy -Departments of Oceanography and Meterology
University of Alaska -Institute of Marine Science
University of California - Marine Sciences
University of Colorado -PAOS/Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
University of Connecticut -Marine Sciences Program
University of Delaware -College of Marine Sciences
University of Georgia -Department of Marine Sciences
University of Hawaii -SOEST/School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology
University of Miami -RSMAS/Rosensteil School of Marine & Atmospheric Science
University of Mississippi -Insititute of Marine Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -Environmental Studies
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -Marine Sciences
University of North Carolina at Wilmington -Marine Biology Program
University of New England -Marine Biology Programs
University of Puerto Rico -Department of Marine Sciences
University of Rhode Island -GSO/Graduate School of Oceanography
University of South Carolina -Baruch Institute for Marine Biology & Coastal Research
University of Southern Mississippi -Department of Coastal Sciences
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


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Educational Science
Resources for careers in Environmental Science

MBWEB -Marine Biology Web
Educational resource site about careers in Marine Biology
K-Adult Summer Opportunities in Marine Biology Study
Links to kindergarden to adult summer studies programs, including summer camps for kids