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Painting #2 Areiti -The Little Wave

Prints available at artist's website

Fantasy Biology

Liza's Reef, coral reef art

This painting  shows one of the parrotfish the natives refer to as Areiti, or Peu Ondulent in French, which translated into their Tahitian dialect, means " little wave".  These small parrotfish are  very common  on Liza's Reef, and are seen often, nibbling softly at the corals. They seem to be especially fond of the black, blue and yellow coral  seen in the foreground, Liza's Reef, coral reef artknown as Corail de Minuit (Midnight Coral) that is also very common to the reef.  This one is an especially beautiful type which glows phosphorescently with soft yellow and blue colors in the evenings and early morning hours. Behind it is a tall stand of Corail de Feu, or Fire Coral. This coral was one of the most vibrantly colored on the reef and actually is a mature specimen of the more commonly seen white varieties, which attain this level of coloration as they age.

Behind them are two of the wonderfully spherical Corail de La Pleine Lune -Coral of the Full Moon. These grew to very large sizes, and specimens that had a diameter of over five feet are not uncommon. They are extremely delicate corals with their matrix-like structure.