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The Fantasy Coral Reef Paintings of Lee James Pantas

                             CORAL REEF RESOURCE WEBSITES

Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment -An international collaboration of scientists and mangers aimed at determining the regional condition of reefs in the Western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.
Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions -Providing resources to help sustain livelihoods and alleviate poverty through the protection, restoration and management of coral reefs & tropical forests.

Coral Realm
-A paid membership website with general information about coral reefs.
Coral Reef Degradation In The Indian Ocean -
CORDIO is a collaborative program involving researchers in 11 countries in the central and western Indian Ocean. CORDIO was created in 1999 to assess the widespread degradation of the coral reefs throughout the region.
Coral Reef Initiative For The South Pacific -A regional Initiative for the protection and management of coral reefs in the South Pacific.
Coral Reef Multimedia Project Short movies and Mini-Documentaries about coral reefs.
Fotosearch - Coral Reef Photographs -Over 4,000 images related to coral reefs.
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network -GCRMN provides data and information on the global status of coral reefs and how people use and interact with reefs to assist coral reef management; and raise awareness in all stakeholders on the status of reefs and the need for urgent action.
Great Barrier Reef  Information site about Australia's Great Barrier Reef
International Coral Reef Action Network ICRAN -The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) is a collaborative effort working to halt and reverse the decline in the health of the world's coral reefs.
International Coral Reef Information Network ICRIN -The International Coral Reef Information Network (ICRIN) has general information about coral reefs and provides coral reef outreach tools and resources such as downloadable fact sheets, a searchable directory of over 600 coral reef organizations worldwide, a list of teacher's resources, a photobank with free downloadable images and more. Associated with The Coral Reef Alliance. International Coral Reef Initiative ICRI -An environmental partnership and network that brings all the stakeholders together with the objective of sustainable use and conservation of coral reefs for future generations.
International Society For Reef Studies ISRS  -The principal objective of the Society is to promote for the benefit of the public, the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge and understanding of coral reefs, both living and fossil.
Locally Managed Marine Network -The Locally-Managed Marine Area (LMMA) Network is a group of practitioners from Southeast Asia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and the Americas who are involved in various marine conservation projects around the globe who have joined together to increase the success of their efforts.
National Coral Reef Institute NCRI -The National Coral Reef Institute  was established by Congressional mandate in 1998. NCRI's primary objective is the assessment, monitoring, and restoration of coral reefs through basic and applied research and through training and education.
NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program-A major resource site for coral reef information
NOAA's Coral Reef Watch Remote sensing and in-situ tools for near real-time and long term monitoring, modeling, and reporting of physical environmental conditions of coral reef ecosystems. Coral Reef Watch aims to assist in the management, study, and assessment of impacts of environmental change on coral reef ecosystems
NOAA's 25 Things You Can Do To Help Save Coral Reefs
NOAA's Coral Health And Monitoring Program -Their mission is to provide services and information sources for researchers and the public in order to help improve and sustain coral reef health throughout the world.
NOAA's Coral Reef Information System  -NOAA's Coral Reef Information System is designed to be a single point of access to NOAA coral reef information and data products, especially those derived from NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program.
NOAA Reef Maps: Coral Reefs Of The World
National Ocean Service: Coastal Ecosystem Science -
Coral reef information on NOS -the National Ocean Service website.
On The Flats Art Blog  The website of Christopher Smart - Diving, photography and art.

Planetary Coral Reef Foundation -
The Planetary Coral Reef Foundation was founded in 1991 to address the coral reef crisis. Since its inception, PCRF has pursued an unprecedented global mission to preserve coral reefs through innovative programs in science, education and technology.
Reef Base  Free and easy access to data and information on the location, status, threats, monitoring, and management of coral reef resources in more than 100 countries and territories. 
Reef Check -Developed in 1996 as a volunteer, community-based monitoring protocol designed to measure the health of coral reefs on a global scale.
Reefnet -Reefnet is an internet information service designed to increase the understanding of coral reef ecosystems world wide. Its purpose is to facilitate discourse on coral reefs and make quality reporting available on current scientific articles, research findings, international conservation strategies, and management techniques.
ReefBase -A Global Information System On Coral Reefs -ReefBase gathers available knowledge about coral reefs into one information repository. It is intended to facilitate analyses and monitoring of coral reef health and the quality of life of reef-dependent people, and to support informed decisions about coral reef use and management.
Reef Education Network -
A coral reef educational website produced by the University of Queensland, Australia.
Reef Guardian International
Reef Guardian International is a public-interest advocacy organization exclusively dedicated to the protection of coral reefs and their marine life.
Reef Relief -
A nonprofit grassroots membership organization dedicated to preserve and protect living coral reef ecosystems through local, regional and international efforts. They focus on rigorous science to educate the public & advocate policymakers to achieve conservation, protection and restoration of coral reefs.
ReefVid  Free videos clips of coral reefs for educational use.
SeaWeb -SeaWeb is a communications-based nonprofit organization that uses social marketing techniques to advance ocean conservation.
The Coral Reef Alliance
(A Liza's Reef Beneficiary Organization) -The Coral Reef Alliances promotes coral reef conservation around the world by working with the dive industry, governments, local communities and other organizations to protect and manage coral reefs, establish marine parks, fund conservation efforts, and raise public awareness with the mission to keep coral reefs alive for future generations.
U.S. Coral Reef Task Force -Their mission is to coordinate and strengthen U.S. government actions to better preserve and protect coral reef ecosystems.