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Treasure House Caregivers, Orphans and Friends From Australia

Caregivers and ophans of Treasure House Children's HomeTreasure House Children's Home is a children's home located in the city of Nadi, on Viti Levu, in the Fiji Islands. It was officially opened in August of 2000, and is an approved Assemblies of God Home of Compassion. It has received certification fromSibohan Whitelock-Crosby playing with Jenny, a Treasure House orphan the Fijian government Social Welfare Department, and children from birth through age five are placed in Treasure House by that department. Treasure House provides preschool and kindergarten teaching to the children who are living there, with the intent to ultimately find homes  for these children. At the present time, Treasure House has eight Fijian caregivers and ten children, all of Indian background. Most of the children helped by Treasure House are Indo-Fijian because Indians have no landowning, communal sharing unit as do native Fijians where orphaned children are adopted almost immediately by blood relatives and extended family.

The daily routine at Treasure House begins at 5:00 am with devotion. During the day, tots stay in Treasure HFrom their April 2007 trip. Photograph at barbeque with caregivers and children.ouse, read and play in day room while school age kids go to school. The children walk to school and take buses for special events during  Easter, Diwali and Christmas. There is a nap from 12:00 to 2:00 pm and dinner at 5:00 followed by devotion at 7pm. The children go to bed early. School age kids have household chores and schoolwork, and on weekends there are outings for shopping, picnics and other activities.

Funding comes from the Fijian government, churches, businesses, and individuals. Their annual budget is $70,000 per year and crucial budget items include housing rental, groceries and wages for caregivers. Wages alone are $40,000 a year.

Photographs of Treasure House showing orphans and Fijian Caregivers.

Email From Jane Whitelock-Crosby About Her Visit To Treasure House

Mr. Pantas,

Hello! I live in Australia and I travel to Fiji regularly with my husband and my two daughters.

Before our last trip I felt God urging me to take something to children, specifically to orphans, in Fiji. Knowing nothing at all about the situation there, but realizing that there are displaced children all over the world, I did a google search and found your site, Liza's reef, which I saved in my favorites. The photos of the children and caregivers at the Orphanage spoke to me. I filled a suitcase with clothes, toys, percussion instruments, stationary and a Bible and bought a guitar from my local supplier (I am a muso) and we traveled from our farm here in Victoria Australia to Fiji and spent some precious moments with the treasure House family. They LOVED the guitar! I hope they play it a lot, their music is gorgeous. Since we have been back home my eldest daughter who is nearly fourteen has begun a variety of fundraising activities including making and selling crafts, to speaking in School Chapel, and has raised money to send over.

We are so blessed to have found these treasured children at the House. Both of my daughters are telling their school mates about ways to help. My husband and I will travel back in Feb.2007, and the whole family will go there again in Sept 2007.

My name is Jane, and our relationship with treasure House has only just begun for our family, but from the impact in our lives, a wonderful friendship will grow.

I have enjoyed your website so much. it is an inspiration.
Thank you,
Regards Jane Whitelock-Crosby

In the Fijian Islands

Contact Information

 Treasure House

Treasure House Mailing Address:  P.O.Box 3439, Nadi, Fiji Islands
Physical Address: Opposite Katri Holiday apartment, Saunaka,
                               Queens Road, Nadi, Fiji Islands

Map of Fiji islands, including Viti Levu, home to Treasure House